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The family of Dodshon Foster

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The family of Dodshon Foster Although Dodshon Foster was from Durham, he also had relatives living in Kendal. He was very concerned with the well being of his family, as can be seen in his diary detailing his visit to Bristol with his wife Elizabeth. His little grandson, Dodshon Foster, was a particular favourite. Sadly he died in 1790 at the house of his grandfather. When Dodshon Foster himself died in 1793 the following was recorded by a member of his family: "Dodshon FosterÂ…departed this Life at Lancaster the 2nd of the 1st month 1793 and was interred in the Meeting House Yard at Lancaster near his beloved Grandson on the 6th of the same. Aged 62 years". This manuscript page details the family tree of Dodshon Foster, his children and grandchildren.